Managed accounts and Sub-advisory

We provide a personalised service, tailoring each portfolio to meet our clients’ specific needs

Our key focus is on capital preservation and generating income at a level of risk you are comfortable taking by allocating portfolios across a range of carefully selected assets.

How we are different

Your goals

We design your individual investment strategy based on the overall goals you want to achieve. We consider your preferences around asset classes, currencies and geographies, along being mindful of your personal beliefs and values.

Your portfolio

When designing our clients’ portfolio strategies, we employ a long-term investment approach using our own thorough fundamental analysis. This core strategy is complemented by event-driven investment ideas selected by our expert portfolio management team.

Unlike most investment managers, our advice is not constrained by internal research, benchmarks or lengthy committee approvals – nor are your investments bound by “year-end deadlines”. Instead, we offer a professional, unbiased, and honest analysis of all the instruments available in each market and source the best risk/reward options that fit your needs.

Your costs

Our fees are charged on a fixed percentage basis, aligning our interests as we earn when your assets grow.

We charge no performance fees and there are no hidden charges. All fees are paid by invoice – there are no withholdings on the portfolio.

Your comfort

We never forget we are managing your money and it is vital you have direct access to those in charge of it. We employ no sales people or relationship managers, instead your point of contact is the person managing your portfolio.

When we implement your investment strategy, we work with your existing bank or wealth manager on a limited power of attorney basis. This means you take on no further counter party risk and can keep your capital in one place.

Your confidence

Portfolio managers and a team of experienced analysts monitor each client portfolio daily, to ensure they continue to meet your specific risk/reward profile and remain consistent with your agreed strategy.

We provide regular reporting on portfolio performance, with increased contact and information during times of market stress and high-pressure situations.

We also regularly review all portfolios in a global context, ensuring our clients are optimally placed, within agreed parameters, to meet their investment objectives.