Family Office Services

For every challenge, we provide a solution

Our approach evokes the era of the traditional wealth manager – we help our clients navigate life events discreetly and efficiently. From safeguarding capital to inheritance planning to optimising asset holdings, we know exactly what you need and provide you with a clear and appropriate solution.

We work with trusted, professional advisors who will help our clients reach the desired outcome in a timely and cost-efficient manner. We charge no hourly rates for this service and no lengthy discussions or explanations are needed. We are also mindful that external costs can mount up and endeavour to ensure they stay under control.

Some of our services include



Inheritance planning for world-wide assets


Holding of Assets

Structuring optimal holding of assets considering tax, residency, costs and other perspectives


Real Estate

Commercial and residential projects advisory


Financing Transactions

Advice and execution of purchases or disposals of assets, and financing transactions


Professional Advisors

Connect and help work with professional advisors: accountants, immigration lawyers, tax advisors, company administrators



Leverage our strong partnerships with the world’s largest financial institutions to find the bank that best fits client’s goals