Climate Change and Transitional Issuers

Climate Change and Transitional Issuers

Climate change is the new driving force to re-allocation of capital, workforce and consumption.

It’s the next investment super cycle, like telecoms of the 90s or Tech of the past decade

• This time the beneficiaries will be Transitional Issuers – companies able and willing to adapt to the climate change goals

• Industries affected are mostly “old economy”: utilities, mining, energy – many have been underinvested for years

Importantly, we want to channel finance to companies that are on the path of sustaina- bility transition, rather than to a singled-out project (“green bonds”).

Investing in Sustainability Can Be Profitable

Investors don’t have to chose between funding a greener world and making money – at Marsham we offer both in one fixed income product. *Bonds of green companies don’t yield

Transitional Issuers are undervalued and often ESG under-rated companies that trade at attractive yields and offer upside potential as their ESG ratings improve.