Pionering the future of investment research

Meet Sevva - The world’s first
AI research assistant

Timely, accurate data is a vital tool for our investment professionals to make the right decisions – and we harness the power of technology to provide it.

SEVVA is a disruptive research assistant that uses artificial intelligence and machine learning to minimise the time we spend sourcing and filtering information, helping us make better decisions faster. Developed in collaboration with the University of Cambridge, SEVVA saves up to 70% of the time usually spent preparing investment research – and significantly reduces its cost.

We use SEVVA to locate the data we need to make the fundamental assessments of the companies in which we invest, allowing our analysts to focus on creating insights and recommendations. SEVVA can read and understand thousands of documents in an instant, to collect, verify and summarise the information that forms the fundamental assessments of our portfolio companies.

SEVVA also learns from every user, thereby enhancing the quality of investment insights with every new research report.