About Us

We provide a personalised service based on your own specific needs, rather than ask you to choose from a list of pre-defined products.

Our clients decide on their own level of engagement with their portfolio, from detailed discussions on specific investments to a complete, “hands-off” discretionary portfolio management service in line with their objectives and investment preferences.

Our portfolio managers gained extensive experience working at some of the world’s largest financial institutions amid a wide range of economic environments. This enables them to understand the full spectrum of instruments available and how they function in investor portfolios.

Above all else, we take confidentiality seriously. You can be assured of a discreet, professional service.

What we do

Our services

  • Investment advisory and portfolio management
  • Execution of individual investments, keeping assets in existing accounts
  • Proprietary fixed income fund options
  • Professional structuring of financing transactions
  • Expert advice on asset domicile and portfolio structuring
  • Other family office services as required

Our investment advisory approach

  • Bespoke portfolios designed around your objectives
  • Fundamental analysis of credit risks
  • Detailed in house research enhanced by an AI-engine
  • Long-term, buy-and-hold strategy
  • Client-driven asset allocation: Fixed income (80%), thematic equities, commodities & currencies

Our added value

  • Disciplined risk/return approach, seeking higher returns without taking excessive risk
  • Established relationships with all major banks
    • Access to a full range of services and products
    • Reduced banking, transaction and execution fees
    • Direct, instant trading access to secure best rates