About us

We provide unconstrained, active investment management across asset classes and products.

Marsham IM offers a unique blend of professional investment management coupled with individual approach to investor’s requirements.

Our Added Value

Proprietary fundamental analysis

  • Deep understanding of each company's credit profile and potential risks to help improve risk/return profiles
  • Early identification of red flags to enhance risk mitigation
  • Sustainability is an essential part of our holistic assessment

Active management

  • Long-term, buy-and-hold strategy
  • Disciplined risk/return approach, seeking higher returns without taking excessive risk
  • Not constrained by a benchmark, with flexibility across credit ratings and geographies, allowing us to navigate different market conditions

AI Technology

  • Our in-house research is enhanced by an AI-engine (https://www.sevva.ai/)
  • Used to collect, verify and summarise the information that forms the fundamental assessments of our portfolio companies and our ESG analysis

Professional Team

  • Our analysts and portfolio managers have extensive industry experience having previously worked at some of the world’s largest financial institutions
  • In-depth knowledge of the full suite of instruments available and how they function in investor portfolios